【4/23Mon】海外講師WS パートナーワーク Jolin and Tomoko








19:15 開場・受付

19:30 スタート

22:00 終了






■Jolin van Gaalen

Jolin started dancing from the age of 4 filled with passion and curiosity. When she was 17 she moved to the U. K to start studying at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Over the years she worked with great artist like Samir Calixto, Adriaan Luteijn, Hannes Langolf and many more. Searching for inspiration all over the world from many different people, she is excited to work with you all!

■Tomoko Kagatsume

Tomoko started Ballet when she was 5 years old. Graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in July 2016. After that she peformed in Choreography of Ryuhei Uemoto, Ruri Mitoh and more.


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